VOIP Telephones

Commercial & Residential VOIP Telephones

Voice Over Internet Protocal (VOIP) Telephones are fast becoming the most inexpensive and full featured alternative to regular old copper land lines for telephone service. Both businesses and residences alike can now have phone service and features, that not too long ago, were only available to large businesses, but now cost a fraction of what they used to cost, available to everyone.

RealTechs can help you with planning, selection and installation of your VOIP system:

  • Site Evaluation/Survey
  • Voice/VOIP/Telephone Cabling
  • VOIP Service Provider Comparisons
  • VOIP Equipment Selection
  • VOIP Cabling/Network Infrastructure Installation
  • VOIP Telephone System Configuration

Stop suffering from high phone bills, poor quality of service and lack of features...contact RealTechs today to upgrade your phone service to VOIP.


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