Retail POS Terminal Cloning

Inexpensive Alternative to Replacement

Are you a franchisee or store/business owner with older, but crucial and custom, Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals? You know that it is only a matter of time before your old POS terminal fails or stops working. Many franchisors charge franchisees exhorbitant sums to replace their aging custom POS terminals. Additionally, many non-franchisee store/business owners may have POS terminals that have software on them that is no longer made.

Realtechs can offer inexpensive POS terminal cloning services that we can make an exact duplicate of your antiquated POS terminal, but on newer hardware, costing hundreds, if not thousands, LESS than alternative solutions. We have succesfully provided such solutions for franchiseess of AT & T, Dunkin Donuts, Perel Vision, Subway and the UPS Store. We have also created duplicates of custom, no longer produced, POS terminals, with little or no need for additional configuration.

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